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Personal Development & Life Advice for Single Women

  • Finding Love After 50: Is It Possible?

    Love has no age, no gender, no race. So, why should we speculate the possibility of love being impossible to find after a certain age? It’s only human of us to question such a thing. 
  • How to Flirt via Text

    It cannot be denied—text messaging makes communication convenient. However, it can also make communication confusing—especially in the dating world. 
  • What Does It Mean To Be Perpetually Single?

    People often say that the right one will come along when you least expect it. Well, for a perpetually single individual, they certainly aren’t expecting to find their person anytime soon. 
  • Do men have a biological clock? Yes, they do!

    A new study out of Rutgers University finds that men have a ticking “biological clock” — just like women — and if they make babies in their 40s it can negatively impact the health of their partners and progeny.
  • How To Deal With Perpetual Singlehood

    Perpetual singlehood is not often talked about and so it can make one feel rather isolated at times, but the truth is that there are many people in the same boat.
  • Why is dating so hard today?

    Toxic Masculinity and Modern Feminism share common ideologies when it comes love and relationships. They both promote unhealthy lifestyles and encourage emotional immaturity, leaving behind detrimental effects to our mental and physical health.
  • YES SUPPLY Practitioner Coaching Program Review

        If you're wondering whether or not to sign-up for the YES Supply Coaching program, you have come to the right place! I am a graduate and alumn...
  • The Biggest Time Wasters We Regret In Life

    We spend a lot of energy looking for several shortcuts to save time, and those shortcuts do add up to something worthwhile. However, those tend to turn out to be habits in the long run, as they are bigger, more systematic time wasters that have really gotten in the way of our progress and betterment. 
  • Creativity versus Productivity: How to Achieve Both at the Same Time

    The imminent question, is it possible to be both creative and productive at the same time? Whenever we happen to think of anyone creative, we imagine them to be carefree and artsy people who refuse to be constrained by time limits and rules. 
  • Let's Stop Saying "I don't need a man"

    "I don't need a man" is usually code for "I have been hurt many times and nobody cares about me". I understand why it can feel more comforting to disengage from the world of men after many have endured years of rejection, along with being used, ignored and treated as an option.
  • 7 Misconceptions About The 'Perpetually Single Woman'

    Perpetually single women over thirty are constantly made to feel less than with smug remarks and looks of shame. Today, I am here to say that this needs to stop. Not all women are single by choice, in fact many remain single for a while out of circumstance or bad luck. Nobody willfully chooses to be alone, unless it’s their personal preference.
  • Is the Facebook Watch series 'Limetown' based on a true story?

    The Facebook Watch series 'Limetown' depicts reality not science fiction. I don't recall how I stumbled on the show 'Limetown', which happens to be...