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How to Flirt via Text

how to flirt via text - perpetual singlehood


It cannot be denied—text messaging makes communication convenient. However, it can also make communication confusing—especially in the dating world. Sometimes, we don’t know what our boo meant by that last text message and we might make incorrect assumptions about their intentions. Similarly, it can be complicated trying to convey our romantic interest and flirt over text without misinterpretation. But flirting via text is an incredible way to add more excitement and intimacy to your relationship—and if texting is your primary method of communication, then you’ll want to ensure you know how to properly flirt and make your boo feel adored.


You know that saying, “less is more”? That doesn’t apply here. When it comes to flirting over text, more is more. The less clear you are with your communication, the more likely your boo is going to misunderstand your intentions—perhaps not even noticing that you’re trying to flirt with them altogether. Add exclamation points to reinforce your interest and enthusiasm! Use plenty of emojis to help paint a better picture for them of the type of message you’re sending. 😘😏💋 Think about the kind of flirtatious texts that you love receiving from your partner. What do they look like? How can you model your text flirting to match theirs?

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Texting can make it easier for us to say things we might not be otherwise comfortable saying face-to-face. But to save yourself the awkwardness and discomfort of saying something you might regret, try to be as true to yourself and your intentions as possible. Tabresha Langham points out that your personality and interest won’t shine through via text if they are incredibly different from how you act in person. “Only text things that you'd say in real life. It's awkward if you talk about a good game that attracts a person via text, and you're not able to keep that same energy in person. Don't sell a dream,” Langham advises.


Teasing can be a coy way to play around and display your interest. Kasey Monohan, fashion and relationship blogger at ThreadCurve, recommends teasing about something lighthearted that isn’t likely to start a fight. “For example, if they are bragging or trying to be funny saying something like 'most people say I'm patient, knowledgeable and charming.' You could say in reply, 'I see the charming part, but the other two seem a little out of reach.’” This automatically introduces a layer of flirtation to the conversation and will surely make your boo want to return the sentiment.


Courting via text can be fun and easy, but if it’s the only way you flirt, your partner might start to grow tired of it and not be as excited by your text flirting. Giving direct compliments is a foolproof way to show them how much you truly adore them and display your flirtatious interest. Comment on anything notable about them that you love—for example, tell them they look sexy with their new haircut, that the outfit they’re wearing makes them look divine, or that their charming nature is irresistible. But compliment them when it feels right and genuine—not when you’re just trying to do it for the sake of doing it.

Texting can certainly add another layer of difficulty when it comes to love and dating. But if you are thoughtful about the messages you send and how you word them, it can add excitement to your relationship and bring you two closer together. So, the next time you want to flirt with your boo over text, remember to be expressive and genuine—and don’t forget to use a healthy balance of teasing and complimenting.

Written by Siobhan Quinn

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