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emotive by sarah nazim

My name is Sarah Nazim and I am an artistic creator and a Certified Personal Development Coach. I started emotive because I wanted to combine my love of creating with my love of helping others develop their inner-life and creative expression!

We live in a society that raises us to focus on the externalities with very little thought given to our inner world. We need balance of the inner and outer to feel whole and when we neglect one or the other we find ourselves unable to make sense of life, often leaving us feeling lonely and stripped of our authenticity. And most gravely, our inability to cope with adversity.

Above is the textbook definition of the word emotive, but to me it means so much more. My company represents a state of living expressively. It recognizes that we evolve as time goes by. The person we were yesterday is not the same person we are today and so we have to give ourselves permission to adapt to change, rather than forging down a forced path that no longer serves us. 

Anything that I create whether it be decor accents, stationery, music or self-development content, comes from a genuine place of self expression. I give myself permission to live by my own rules and pace. I stopped putting pressure and expectations on myself that are governed by societal rules that don't align with my unique life path. Fear of rejection should never hold us back from living an authentic life. We are here to express ourselves fully — as messy and disorganized as it may be, it’s all part of the master plan!

Just as the seasons change, we too are meant to evolve and express our deepest inner truths without fear or restriction.