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My name is Sarah Nazim and my mission is simple — to live with purpose. Having worked in the business world for over six years there was always a nagging voice inside of me that kept saying “you’re meant to do more.” Like many, I ignored this voice until life put me in a situation where I could no longer accept settling for what I knew was not the path I was meant to be on.

I launched emotive with the imperative to empower people to think and act for themselves instead of merely accepting things as they are because it’s convenient or seemingly “easier” to get along than to rock the boat. To me, authenticity means having the freedom to express our thoughts and desires backed by action.

emotive to me represents a state -of- being because it acknowledges that we evolve as time goes by. The person we were yesterday is not the same person we are today and so we have to give ourselves permission to adapt to change rather than forging down a forced path that no longer serves us. Nobody has it all figured out and we have to make peace with where we are at in the present moment and most importantly, we have to allow ourselves and others the space to be who they are without judgement.

‘Purpose’ is such a versatile word because it can mean different things to different people, but it ultimately plays a fundamental role in each of our lives. We are holistic beings with a multitude of interests and desires that often go unmet due to the fast paced hustle and bustle of routine that we have created for ourselves. Instead of prioritizing happiness, we have placed money as the driving force of our collective decisions which in turn has created a dysfunctional and disconnected society riddled with stress, anxiety and unnecessary suffering.

We have created the world we live in with both our thoughts and actions and so we have the same capacity to mold it into anything we choose, but before this can happen it will require a reframing of ideology. It will require lots of inner understanding and shedding of old belief systems. The world around us can only change, when we first change ourselves.

If you haven’t already assumed by now, I am very much an idealist who believes in the power of action. It’s easy to sit back and say “life is the way it is” and this is sadly the mentality that many have adapted for themselves, but I refuse to allow this train of thought to permeate our society.

Anything I create whether it be decor accents, stationery, writings or music comes from a genuine place of self expression — it’s never forced. I take life day by day and I’ve been leaning more and more into a “flow state” of listening to my thoughts and body and allowing myself to be fully present.

I believe that creativity and self expression is endless and so I have given myself permission to experiment with anything that I feel called to do and that’s what keeps my life interesting and frankly what is giving me life after years of feeling stagnant and aimless.

Purpose is powerful and we all have one. My wish for you is that you find yours!

I’m always working on new ideas and projects so be sure to pop back in or stay in touch on social media for all the latest.

Lots of love,

Sarah <3



Just as the seasons change, we too are meant to evolve and express our deepest inner truths without fear or restriction. - Sarah Nazim