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emotive by sarah nazim

Hello! I’m Sarah Nazim, I love to express myself through designing products, writing music and words that reflects my truth, with the hopes of connecting with the collective to inspire purposeful living.

The launch of emotive came after years of repeating cycles of complacency. One gloomy fall day, I made the decision to stop giving into fear and walking the conventional path that sought to mold me into somebody I wasn’t. It was a defining moment to realize that my life purpose was there all along— I just failed to act on it. Even with a limited budget, I didn't let that stop me from going after what I wanted. I understood the risk I was taking and realized that it would be a learning process, but one that I felt was worth it. 
Through much inner reflection I have learned to see past the illusions that cloud over our minds, and the veil that shields our eyes. I began to acknowledge that life is abundant and free. The only thing holding back our prosperity as a collective is our lack of inward reflection and the understanding that humanity is a global force driven by love — as cheesy as that sounds, it's true!

We’re alive to feel. We learn our greatest lessons through the most tragic of emotions that consume us. From the highs of ecstasy to the lows of deprivation, it’s what makes us human. My drive to create often comes from feelings of confusion and hurt and yet it’s the very thing that’s helped me heal. Art is beautiful to the observer, but there’s a depth to it that isn’t always evident from the outset, there’s often an untold story — it’s emotive.

Life is ever-evolving, so never stop learning about the world around you and the one inside of you, because beneath the surface lies your life purpose. When you unlock your true self, meaning  the "you" that resides beneath your ego, you will discover a powerful drive that will push you to pursue your authentic dreams.


Just as the seasons change, we too are meant to evolve and express our deepest inner truths without fear or restriction. - Sarah Nazim