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The Bloom Collection

black and white artificial flowers wayfair

Catering to the taste of modern and minimal home décor, The Bloom Collection was designed to help anyone achieve a color-blocked look in the home or office.

These artificial flowers resemble matte porcelain and make for an elegant alternative to traditional faux flora. The idea for this collection came after several failed attempts at spray painting and plastering silk flowers to achieve a sleek matte look that didn't look "cheap"! The Bloom Collection is an accurate representation of the new chapter of my life. A beginning of a journey that I once dreamt of that has finally sprouted. The black and white colors represent the internal shifts we go through from darkness to light. Though most pieces of art often reflect beauty to the observer, the story behind it is often shattering. When we finally have the courage to bring things to light, it's usually only after we've conquered our fears. This duality exists in all aspects of life.