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Finding Love After 50: Is It Possible?

Finding Love After 50: Is It Possible?


Love has no age, no gender, no race. So, why should we speculate the possibility of love being impossible to find after a certain age? It’s only human of us to question such a thing. Life can be cruel, but that’s why love exists. If your heart is open and willing to listen, love can and will find you no matter the age. 

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Some may view the prospect of finding love after the age of 50 to be a daunting task. But then again, age is just a number. When you were in your early twenties, finding love was probably the least of your concerns. You were probably a bit promiscuous and able to play the field a bit. Fast forward 30 years and you find yourself perhaps wishing and hoping you could do it all over again. Because this time, you’ve lived through enough to realize what it is you truly want. 

But where do you start looking for love? You’re too old-fashioned to try those pesky dating apps, and far too set in your ways to try something new. Hate to break it to you sister, but you need to try. Let’s start with your mindset. Instead of wanting to rewind time, try to bring yourself back to the present moment. Time for a reality check—you’re still the same beautiful, strong, independent woman you always have been—in fact, you’re wiser now. Self-reflection is healthy and brings you to the now.

According to Lisa Copeland, a dating coach for women over 50, "We can only attract someone based on who we are and where we are right now in our life.” Take this time to ground yourself and channel your inner goddess.

Think about your passions—what are the hobbies and small pleasures of your life? Take the time to rediscover yourself. Understanding how vulnerable you are when you open your heart to another can be enough for anyone to remain closed off. Especially for you, someone who may have permanent scars from past relationships that just didn’t work out. But just know that it’s alright to wear your scars with pride as a reminder that you survived them and each one made you stronger. Remembering to not go into your next relationship with a bad vibe is essential. Try not to bring the negativity of your past romances into your present. That was then, and this is now. 

A part of attraction is being able to feel confident—this includes what you wear. Dust off that party dress and put on a pair of high pumps. Allow yourself to feel sexy and fearless. If you're not a high heel kind of gal, then go with something that makes you conformable but also a little flirtatious. Know that it’s alright to feel sexy and still manage to present a classy, respectful look. 

Once you feel confident and sexy in your skin, go out and rediscover the art of flirtation. That light playful energy can and will attract people into your life. Energies attract each other. Dating and getting to know people is a good thing, so welcome it. Getting to know others is a fantastic way to introduce new potential mates into your life, but you will most likely know fairly early on what you’re attracted to. It’s good to know what catches your eye, but don’t have a reserved mentality. Be open and remain positive. 

Confidence looks best on a woman who knows her worth. Remember that worth comes from within. Being single in your 50s doesn't mean you are unlovable or unworthy. Keep your standards high and your values close. Never compromise those things, and just know that the right person will respect and adore you for holding onto them. A quick, gentle reminder, that while love may seem impossible to find at any age, don’t ever feel the need to settle or force something. Trust the timing of your life. If something feels right, pursue it. Life only truly ends when you give up on love. 


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Written by Haleigh Couture

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