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How to Give Experiences Instead of Gifts

How to Give Experiences Instead of Gifts



Based on my personal experience and a life full of gift-giving, I can say that I would rather have a life filled with fun and adventurous memories instead of gifts and items. It could be a Christmas present or a birthday gift—this idea can have a positive impact on your relationship with your romantic partner or children. Having a memory with someone is forever no matter the outcome.

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Memorable Date Night:
You do not need to go out and spend an arm and a leg on a cute date night for you and your partner. Many inexpensive ideas are way more memorable and an experience. I love the idea of a picnic date, go to the biggest park in town and enjoy a charcuterie plate, people watch and enjoy a glass of your favorite wine. Park dates can also be a social distancing date as well if you aren’t comfortable with going out yet. Amusement parks are another personal favorite of mine, if you can afford it, Disney World or Land is such a great and memorable time with your significant other. As they say, you can really feel the magic.

Memorable date nights are a great alternative to buying expensive gifts for one other. Experience another country together instead of spending money on expensive jewelry or listen to jazz in the park instead of buying something at the store as a gift. There are a plethora of lists out there, but here are a few of my recommendations:

  • Wake Up Early Or Stay Up Lay For The Sunrise
  • Drive Away From The City And Go Stargazing
  • Bake A 3 Layer Cake
  • Go To A Drive-In
  • Look For A Small Concert To Attend

The goal is to think of the other person and be mindful about bringing more things into the house. You don’t have to worry about any memory or experience going out of style.

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Different Christmas Gift Ideas:
When having little kids or younger siblings giving an experience can be a better alternative to buying them more toys. Recently, I suggested to my parents that they take my younger sister to a llama farm instead of having a party as she requested. See what kind of adventure they would like to go on and plan a trip around that.

If you are wanting to get something for an older child, think of something individual, get them a private lesson in something they like, or a pass to their local amusement park or recreation center.

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Being Mindful:
Think of what the other person would like to do, something they’ve always wanted to do, go on a trip to a part of your state that you’ve never been to. Take this as an opportunity to give something personal and meaningful. Give them a memory that is going to last forever, you don’t have to share this kind of gift. An article on the Oxford Academic page talks about the research that goes behind experiences vs gift giving. Setting up a date that involves experiences can show you how much you mean to someone, in turn, it would be prudent to reciprocate the effort and thoughtfulness.

Giving gifts can be an easy process, but experiences are something someone is going to remember forever as this requires a lot of creativity. Good luck!

Written by Valerie Ortega

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