The Science Behind The Law Of Attraction & How to Use It


Many people hear the term "Law of Attraction" and laugh it off as a joke, but from personal experience I can tell you that "energy" is very real. 

The Law of Attraction is working around us just as gravity does and it's grounded in quantum physics. Einstein showed us that energy and matter are two sides of the same coin in his Theory of Relativity e=mc2, which just so happens to be the inspiration behind my Interconnected Collection!

The entire universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies -- the same energy that exists all over the universe, exists within us! Energy therefore is at the basis of all physical reality. It vibrates at different speeds, which determines what we see as solid matter and also what we cannot perceive.

The energy we cannot perceive yet as solid matter is what creates the magic known as "The Law of Attraction". To attract what you desire, you must match the frequency of it, so to attract happiness for example, you must feel happy. To attract love, you must feel love.

There are three easy steps you can follow to get on the same energetic frequency as your desires:

1) Find the feeling place of it.

2) Act, speak and be like you already have it.

3) Take any positive action you can towards it.

So essentially, The Law of Attraction is just about matching energetic frequency through your thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is always within your control to find happy, loving and hopeful thoughts. You can start small, or you can DREAM BIG!! Everything you dream of is possible in this energy-based universe. Take a leap of faith and control what IS in your control!

It is amazing how spending time alone reflecting can bring so much perspective and clarity. I have been using sound healing through meditation music, reiki and positive affirmations not only during stressful times, but I've made it a part of my routine at least once a week. Your state of mind and perspective has so much impact on your thoughts and emotions which ultimately trigger chemicals in your body that affect your mood, health and state of being. 

If you truly want change in your life, no matter what area, spending time in reflective solitude is how you gain more confidence and self-belief, which lends itself to you achieving things you never thought you could. If you've never tried sound therapy, I highly suggest you do, as its effects are truly powerful and transformative. While it may seem gimmicky or too good to be true, you honestly have nothing to lose! I've personally found it to be calming and an essential part of my self-care routine.







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