A Deep Thought: Whose Reality Are You Living In?


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What we've come to know about ourselves and the world is learnedour perception of it is predicated on where we're born, our culture and our religion. We are born knowing nothing; it's only once we are taught what to believe that we start to form ideas about ourselves and others. So essentially, our beliefs originate from someone else's mind. The intricacies of our culture, from the language we speak, to the food we eat, our values and the clothes we wear is the product of someone else's thoughts that manifested into something tangible. That in of itself is a miracle, perhaps not as obvious as the miracles of our self-sustaining bodies, or the sun and the sky or the fruit that grows on its own, but nonetheless, it's proof that we create the world we live in based on our thoughts, emotions and actions. It's why we all have different experiences and struggles.

My question to you is, whose reality are you living in? Whose scars have you allowed to penetrate into your soul, and whose insecurities have you taken on as your own? 

When we come to recognize that most of what we believe about ourselves and others is nothing more than a thought, it should empower us to know that we have the capacity to create the life of our dreams. We are not restricted to past conventions, rather empowered to shed old beliefs, behaviours and dogmas that restrict us from reaching our full potential. We daydream, not to live in fantasy, but to create reality.

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